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After a year of contemplation, a national, privately held staffing firm specializing in healthcare concluded they hit a growth plateau based on their current organization structure. They agreed a full re-design of the firm was necessary to set course and achieve their desired growth plans. 



CEO and founder sought out the expertise of CJ Rodriguez. CJ joined the organization as an Executive Consultant under the corporate umbrella and was hired to review and assess two separate companies owned by the CEO with plans to launch a third specialized health care firm from the ground up. When CJ began her partnership with the national organization, her goal was to analyze and advise on overall strategy, current best practices, and necessary course corrections. 


Starting with the less tenure firm, CJ researched data on both company and individual producers. A starting point was defined and a plan was set in place. Change management was critical to charting a new course for the organization’s growth opportunity. Understanding any change is inherently unsettling, CJ approached the relationships with care. Thorough discussions with leadership and internal employees were held to capture understanding and buy-in first prior to any implementation roll-out. 

The company foundation was re-built and positioned as a fully integrated national sales organization in a specialized space. The results were impressive:

  • Company overall achieved 174% growth on top-line revenue first year based on a three year average with highest-earning milestones reached and continued with 152% growth the following year.

  • Current employees increased their overall production on average 43% first year with increased growth trajectories year-over-year thereafter.

  • Succession plans and career paths were established resulting in several well-deserved internal promotions. 

  • Employee motivation increased, and the company retained intellectual property identified as “at-risk” of leaving due to perceived stunted growth.

  • Leadership ramp time was reduced, and the uncertainty of unknown leadership was lessened and removed at the foundation level.

  • CBT (collaborative based training) program was established and built out to define and develop healthcare subject matter experts creating a more engaging and effective training through experiential learning platforms.

  • Due to the positive influence and execution of strategy, CJ was invited to join the organization’s executive leadership as CHRO/COO after 2 months before moving into the President & CHRO s seat a year thereafter. 



A triple-threat was weighing down on this national firm.  First, unable to keep up with the demands of their client’s high-volume open orders, their clients began to question the time-to-fill and quality of delivery. This was reflected in their relationship confidence.  Second, a lack of internal headcount to support the volume of business was restricted by the current size of office space.  Third, an absence of tenure impacted the team's limited knowledge base which placed added pressure on other team members. 



Perceptive to the significance of each, a compartment analysis was conducted.  Current office space was assessed for re-planning purposes to ensure use and efficiency were maximized.  Internal corporate recruiting strategy was evaluated, and quality check interviews were completed with both accepted and rejected candidates to assess their experience.  Existing training programs were gauged where introduction and reinforcement practices were measured.  Overall quality materials and delivery platforms were rated based on participant feedback.  Current delivery methods were revisited where process improvements and enhancements to proprietary screening methods were quickly defined.


Efficiencies and enhancements were knocked out of the ballpark.  CJ coached the internal team to recognize their empowerment and execute their decision-making opportunities.  This helped the improvements take flight.  As a team, they were able to achieve the following:

  • Current office space was re-planned.  The new layout achieved 47% headcount growth opportunities before office expansion was needed.  This allowed seats to open while maintaining the successful team format where communication remained fluid throughout the workday.

  • Corporate recruiting strategy was enhanced by integrating traditional and non-traditional recruiting methods to attract and secure new talent.  Overall hiring process was reduced by 50% and offered a more competent screening process. This allowed internal recruits to gain better insights on the organization as skills and culture fit were considered.

  • A training overhaul was determined necessary.  The new platform shortened production ramp time by as much as 60 days.  This increased the ROI on the new hire investment and showed significant employee morale benefits where they achieved earlier success in meeting their metrics.



Company found its current brand design, core values and messaging to be extremely antiquated. It lessened their position as a leading industry employer and not depictive of their evolving nationwide presence.  Additionally, the costs for print production were exorbitant and their marketing materials were non-cohesive.  Creating a major disconnect in the company’s messaging, this resulted in confusion and misunderstanding of who they were and what they did.


CJ jumped in and identified key players who could meet aggressive deadlines and take on added oversight of project areas.  She launched an internal and external focus group to assess the opinions of the current brand, core values and messaging.  Her team took additional survey samplings across different social audiences to include: internal employees, clients, candidates, potential partners, and vendors.  Further research and meetings were conducted with marketing and design companies to gain added expertise on why, when, and if organizations should rebrand.  CJ weighed pros and cons and held relevant meetings to conclude a refresh of logo, core values, and an overall message would provide an added leverage and clarity to the firm's national presence.


The outcome of the full rebrand and messaging was a complete success.  Rave reviews were received after revisiting with the focus groups, design firms and individuals who were sampled.  

  • The logo now reflects the firm's focus on client, candidate, and employees and their approach to open solutions.  An added enhancement was utilizing an industry icon that signifies them as a specialized firm.

  • The traditional one-word bullet representing their 5 initial core values were evolved into powerful, impactful and yet simple statements focused on their vision, voice, and value.  These statements reflect the business approach to clients, candidates, and employees and are summed up by a statement of their work ethic.

  • Cohesive branding on all marketing materials was created using a style guide that ensures the coloration, messaging and themes managed and produced with a clear and concise display of the organization.



Organization was experiencing loss of revenue earning potential because of not having active engagements with Managed Service Providers (MSP) or Vendor Management Services (VMS) programs.  As a talent management expert in the staffing and recruiting industry, CJ was tasked with helping the firm remain relevant and fluid by evolving their business offerings and expanding their service footprint.


Armed with the knowledge of this business sector, CJ quickly assessed their current relationship status and defined additional programs that would yield significant partnership benefits.  Understanding another challenge existed, she faced unfavorable opinions from current employees about this business line.  It was assumed that all MSP/VMS programs were based on high-volume, low margin and resulted in poor candidate engagement experiences.


CJ identified a top, tenured team of recruiters who balanced the sales acumen and full-cycle recruiting expertise.  She worked directly with this team to develop their understanding of these programs.  After 6 weeks, they achieved an 84% gross margin with existing program clients. Over the course of 3 months, another 12 MSP partnerships were developed to include 2 of the top 5 MSP organizations.  


The difference was the relationship approach.  CJ and her team effectively built consultative partnerships that were reciprocated in respect, collaboration, and value.  The results were immediate supported by an increase of invitations to additional programs thereafter.  Furthering the success of these relationships, the company successfully negotiated and secured rate cards that averaged 20% higher markups.  When compared against the current program vendors, this firm was easily recognized as an industry expert who delivered timely and quality results with long-term advantages.



Etched into a successful relationship is the opportunity of engagement.  It’s is the temperature of any successful business and the foundation of continued growth.  Throughout CJ’s career, she has been challenged with developing and implementing powerful engagement programs for national organizations to help improve relationships resulting in higher profits.


Through CJ’s vast awareness and understanding that people are the currency of our industry, she saw a need to develop a multi-tiered, yet simple engagement program for clients, candidates, and employees. All programs designed by CJ have been fully customized to each company, group, division, or team to ensure the end goal was directly correlated to the individuals or organization.


Below are examples of successful achievements because of these engagement programs: 

  • Firm received 89% + scoring on Inavero’s Best Places to Work year-over-year (92% winning status).  This was up from 55% - 65% in years past which is a direct reflection of employee engagement initiatives and internal promoter scores.

  • Organization has achieved record-breaking profit margins showing 30%+ growth on bottom-line against an industry average of 8% - 12% typical of the business sector.

  • 400% increase in positive candidate testimonials receiving approval to use in marketing and branding initiatives within 12 months of implementation. 

  • Candidate Engagement programs showed direct correlations to a 56% reduction in employee turn-over resulting in a higher assignment completion ratio as well as assignment duration time.  This had a direct correlation increased client satisfaction scores.

  • Client engagement proved advantages in relationship drill down with existing partnerships measured by an increase of 76% order placement uptick and a 22% increase in exclusivity.  Also resulting in the achievement of Inavero’s Best of Staffing – Client Satisfaction with an overall rating of 96%.